scourgedBookA unique rollercoaster of a book with 5 star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads "Scourged" is meditation on life and loss as told in 2 voices, the eponymous "Scourge" as the Narrator, and the Mother Siobhán suffering with Alzheimers Dementia for a decade, tells her life story in imagined flashbacks. Written by the author MDM in the 6 months following the death of her Mother, the Memoir has been described by various reviewers as "groundbreaking and remarkable" and "unspeakably beautiful with unflinching savage honesty and awareness and genuine laugh out loud moments" Its Irish publication was crowd funded by the readers who who had subscribed to her blog and her facebook page documenting the implosion of a family dynamic as an illness wreaks havoc on the gentle Mother. Scourged is a novel that crosses barriers and genres and has a universal appeal and has been eagerly read by men and women, young and old. Described by one Amazon reviewer as "A Triumph, Scourged is a really engaging fresh approach from one of Irelands most unique and daring authors"...............MDM invites the reader into her hilarious shocking life with while offering us a glimpse into the recesses of her soul.

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"Good Reads" review

“Dooley Mahon’s talent lies in conjuring up not only crystal clear nostalgia and events, but describing them in a way that drops the reader straight into the story. I could smell chips and clove rocks and roses. I was in that room with her.... a beautiful brave book”

Theresa O’Brien

"Scourged is a triumph. I could not put it down long enough to find a lighter"

Joanne Robinson

"A remarkable book filled with humour and savage honesty. I tried to ration it but instead became engrossed and in a marathon session finished it.

I am gobsmacked by it.

It is truly beautiful, and inspirational"

Moya Finnegan

"I have not the authors use of words to describe this truly amazing book, it is brave beyond belief, and heartstoppingly beautiful, her candid description of her Mothers death is almost a religious experience, this is a book that takes you on a journey and leaves you gasping, it is so layered it can be re-read endlessly, it made me laugh, it made me cry,  it made me remember"

John O Connor


"Scourged is a fascinating insight into a unique relationship. I want to thank the author for her honesty and determination to see this project through to the bittersweet end. It has been and will continue to be, an inspiration - to me, and anyone else I can pass it on to"

Tony Reck

 "From its beautifully honest opening  Scourged  takes me off in a time machine to a house I was in but a time I was not, I can see the cars, smell the cow shit, feel the honesty, pain, and frustration until suddenly here I go again – off  on another wild trip.  I have read it 3 times so far. Next week I will see something new in it.   Again.   It’s an interactive book. This is great work. In my book it’s 10 out of 10.

James MacIntyre

"Scourged  is a beautiful read. A raw and honest insight into a life, an illness, and also the coping mechanisms used in the struggle with the  highs and lows of an exhausting creative mind. I cried buckets towards the end recognising my own bereavement and grief, and found the words to be cathartic.

 And by the way she is a damn fine poet"

Elizabeth Whyte
(Director of Wexford Arts Centre)

"In Scourged MDM comes damn close to describing the ineffable , I felt swept up in the lyrical passionate prose, and truly touched by its heartbreak and wisdom.
John Noerdlinger

“I read it in 2 sittings. My eyes hurt from laughing and crying. I’m going to read it again immediately”


Jennifer Traupe



scourged Book

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Signed copies of Scourged are available directly from the author via the website,  through a selection of retailers nationwide, or online at Amazon.

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""to Vincent, a lifetime of shared history and nostalgia " she wrote inside it, and it is. There's the Da whitewashing the wall and the blind man singing 'joy to the world' is my cousin Tommy, and ...

Vincent Byrne

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