Michelle Dooley Mahon currently resides in her hometown of Wexford with 2 small dogs who think they are people, who possess an entire wardrobe as well as the unlikely names of Walter and Ernest. 

She has been writing since she was a child.

Following on from her hilarious, thought provoking, stories and blogs she was introduced to an audience and has never looked back.

She appeared onstage at Culture Night at Cacá Milís Cabaret at Wexford Arts Centre where her story “The Haemorrhaging Humourist” (about a clown who bled to death in a cabin on a cross channel ferry) caused gasps of hilarity and shock.  She took to the Capital then, performing in Arthurs Upstairs in the city to a bemused audience of Dubs who didn’t know what the hell she was.

Having created a monster with their applause, Michelle then wrote a One Woman Show called “Before I Forget”    (a reference to her Mother’s Alzheimers which she documents with brutal honesty in a way that is harrowing yet savagely beautiful) which she performed in Suas @ The Sky.

While inflating the helium balloons at one of her shows she took a call from the director of the Kultivera Institute at Kraftverket in Sweden to inform her she had been awarded the Dylan Thomas Literary Residency so she took a plane, trains and automobiles to a small Scandinavian town where she ran amok for a month with poets and punks, culminating in writing a letter to the King of Sweden to tell him about the goings on of his subjects and their obsession with Bearrnnaise Sauce.

"Wexford Opera Festival"

 Michelle opened at the Wexford Opera Festival Launch night on her 50th birthday with a show called The Eff Word  of which hours of footage  is currently being edited into a mockumentary.

In Scourged- a Memoir, she has documented the implosion of a family dynamic as Siobhán disappears with dementia in a novel that spans half a century, written in two voices - her Mother Siobhán recalling the birth and life of her first born “Scourge”, and the Scourge herself narrating the last decade of her Mother’s life  in a book that has been described as groundbreaking, bravely beautiful and a triumph.

She wrote, edited and crowd funded the book following the loss of her beloved Mother and inspiration  - Siobhán on the last day of winter.

Her debut has been receiving rave reviews from the international audience who made up her funders and has been endorsed by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland as “a book like no other”


For more of Michelle's writing follow her blog - Random Mayhem, on Blogspot.ie 




Michelle Dooley Mahone Wexford

Michelle Dooley Mahone Wexford

scourged Book

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Signed copies of Scourged are available directly from the author via the website,  through a selection of retailers nationwide, or online at Amazon.

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""to Vincent, a lifetime of shared history and nostalgia " she wrote inside it, and it is. There's the Da whitewashing the wall and the blind man singing 'joy to the world' is my cousin Tommy, and ...

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