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MDM  aka "The Scourge"  is an Author, Playwright, Actress, Voiceover Artist and Photographer from Wexford Ireland. 

Following on from her hilarious, thought provoking stories and blogs she was introduced to an audience and never looked back.

She first appeared onstage at Culture Night at Cacá Milís Cabaret at Wexford Arts Centre where her story “The Haemorrhaging Humourist” (about a clown who bled to death in a cabin on a cross channel ferry) caused gasps of hilarity and shock.  She took to the Capital then, performing in Arthurs Upstairs. 

Having created a monster with their applause, Michelle then wrote a One Woman Show called “Before I Forget” - a reference to her Mother’s Alzheimers which she documents with brutal honesty in a way that is harrowing yet savagely beautiful which she performed in Suas @ The Sky.

Michelle opened at the Wexford Opera Festival Launch night on her 50th birthday with a show called The Eff Word  of which hours of footage  is currently being edited into a mockumentary  - Shellshocked.

In Scourged - a Memoir, she has documented the implosion of a family dynamic as Siobhán disappears with dementia.  A novel that spans half a century, written in two voices - her Mother Siobhán recalling the birth and life of her first born “Scourge”, and the Scourge herself narrating the last decade of her Mother’s life.  A book that has been described as groundbreaking, bravely beautiful and a triumph.

She wrote, edited and crowd funded the book following the loss of her beloved Mother and inspiration - Siobhán, on the last day of winter.

Her debut has been receiving rave reviews from the international audience who made up her funders and has been endorsed by The Alzheimer Society of Ireland as “a book like no other”.

MDM was commissioned to adapt her novel for the stage by Elizabeth Whyte, the Director of Wexford Arts Centre  under the mentoring of acclaimed Director, Ben Barnes. 

"The Scourge", written and performed by Michelle Dooley Mahon, and directed by Ben Barnes, was premiered in the Wexford Arts Centre in April, 2018.   The run resulted in nine sold-out performances with standing ovations and brilliant reviews. 

"...moved and almost overcome by the humanity, hilarity and heart rending of The Scourge ... raised me up and plunged me down on an emotional rollercoaster."

Liam Murphy, Munster Express


"...hugely courageous performance.  This is flesh and blood writing, sentient and animate, rooted in grief.  And as Dooley Mahon knows only too well, grief has two acts: loss followed by the remaking of a life."

Tom Mooney, The Rest Is Jazz blog, Arts Review


“Mother Courage....a characteristic blend of wit and wicked powers of observation, and all delivered in a language that is at times quite poetic...a stimulating mix of a heart-aching sadness, anger, and despair, all tempered again by her indomitable humour...not just a magnificent local work but one that will resonate nationally and internationally too.”  

Jackie Hayden, Arts review


“Raw, witty and poetic, Michelle Dooley Mahon's 'The Scourge' had a huge impact.

 Anna Hayes, Wexford People/Gorey Guardian/


"One Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I found myself unexpectedly free for a few hours.Michelle Dooley Mahon’s play The Scourge was having its final performance that very afternoon. I'd heard such amazing reports from its previous run that I had unfortunately missed, so I hot-footed it down to Wexford Arts Centre to see if I could get myself a ticket. And boy was I glad I did. I happened to run into a good friend at the box office,so together we took the last seats right in front of the stage -  empty save for a single set piece - a large brown wardrobe. .....

What happened next I won’t even begin to could I even if I wanted to? 

What I will say is that I was moved in so many directions over the course of the production that I left the theatre dizzy and changed forever.

I can say without a single qualm that it is the single most powerful piece of theatre that I have ever experienced.

Gripping, moving and told with the expert flair of a true story teller, a wordsmith who has found a way to make her own deeply personal experiences speak to the masses.

Those that have witnessed this play will know what I am talking about, those who have not must seek a way to remedy this, I believe the play is touring the country and I urge everyone to make it their business to get to see it and enrich your life by so doing.

Congratulations seems an odd thing to offer Michelle for something that must have cost her so much of herself, but the reactions of audiences must go some way to repay her beautiful soul. An  amazing  piece of theatre...go see "The Scourge! "


Stephen Byrne - Wexford Drama Group 


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